Atlas Tool Reverse Engineering, 3D Scanning

Inspection and 3-D Scanning

Reverse Engineering and CMM Inspection


3-D Scanning


CMM Inspection

Reverse Engineering
Sheet Metal Stamping Inspection

Reverse Engineering

  • Uses a laser camera for "white light scanning" to create a "point cloud" solid model of any scanned object
  • Can be used to reverse engineer and duplicate any size tooling or parts
  • Portable system
  • No size limitation
  • Accuracy to 25 microns (.001")

Coordinate Measuring Machines

  • 8 CMM Machines
  • Large enough to inspect entire vehicle bodies in one set up
  • Automatic CMM's can be used for production inspection
  • Durable steel tables
  • Parts up to 240" ( 6,100 mm)
  • Accuracy to 2 microns (.0001")
High technology reverse engineering and metrology