Atlas Tool Engineering, Tooling

Industry Leaders in Virtual Technology and Simulation


Solid Model Engineering

CAD Design, Metal Stamping Dies, Sheet Metal Stamping, Tooling

CAD Design & CAM Programming

  • Designs in 3D solid models
  • 12 seats of Catia
  • 16 seats of Unigraphics
  • 25 engineers
  • 20+ years average experience
Process Development

Metal Forming, Stamping, Tooling,

Stamping Process Optimized for:

  • Best product quality
  • Manufacturing feasibility
  • Maximum production rate
  • Minimum material size
  • Minimum press tonnage
Formability Simulation

Formability Simulation, FEA model, Tool & Die, Sheet Metal Forming, Metal Stamping Die

Metal Forming Prediction Models

  • Computer model of the stamping process using material data
  • Predicts splits, strains and wrinkles before the tools are built
  • Autoform and Pamstamp software
Springback Simulation

High Strength Steel Tooling, Metal Forming, Tool and Die, Stamping Die

High-Strength Steel Engineering

  • Dies for high-strength steel parts are built to springback prediction and compensation models
  • Result of Atlas Tool research
  • Reduces tryout time and cost
Virtual Assembly

Virtual Assembly, Functional Build, Reverse Engineering, Metal Stampings

Computer Simulated Functional Build

  • Creates computer analysis models of assembled parts from scan data
  • Resolves build problems by digitally combining parts before assembly
  • Result of 5 year research project
SMIRT* Technology

Solid Model Viewer, Tool and Die

Shop Floor Viewing and Information

  • Designs are visible on shop floor
  • Tools built to exact solid models
  • All shop personnel are trained
  • Atlas Tool was the 1st SMIRT user
   *SMIRT is a trademark of Smirtware, Inc.
 Solid model virtual technology Is used to optimize metal stamping operations